Walter-Fach-Kraft – Personnel specialist since 1997

Founded in 1997 as a 2-man office in a garage, we at Walter-Fach-Kraft are now a successful personnel specialist with 25 offices in Germany, Austria and Poland. Our headquarter is located in Fulda, in the geographical centre of Germany – very close to Frankfurt with its international airport.

According to your business objectives, we select employees for you, organize their deployment and promote the development of your employees. This requires strategic and sustainable planning and a suitable corporate culture.

Walter-Fach-Kraft Personalvermittlung, Headhunting


We know the German and European labour market. You too can benefit from our expertise:

  • Personnel planning
  • Recruitment
    • Headhunting, personnel placement
    • Temporary employment
  • Direct approach to potential employees
  • Staff deployment and management
  • Human Resources Development
  • Personnel Controlling
  • Tax and labour law
  • Employment contracts
  • Compensation Management


Our approach

Recruitment begins with the qualification and analysis of your personnel requirements and company goals. After the needs analysis has been completed, possible target groups are defined (technicians, salespeople, specialist knowledge, etc.), addressed and selected. The contact is made both indirectly via advertisements in web and print media and directly via direct contact at events or on the Internet. After the pre-selection of applicants, we accompany the application process until the contract is signed and often beyond.

  • Qualification of the need and definition of the target group
  • Approaching potential candidates and comparing their skills with the requirement profile
  • Pre-selection of applicants and organization of the application process
  • Possible assessment centers
  • Accompaniment up to the conclusion of the contract


Our offer

Temporary employment – flexibility in production and administration

Temporary employment – also known as temporary work, agency work or personnel leasing – is an instrument of flexible human resources management and refers to the „hiring out“ of workers to another company. 

Temporary work is characterised by the triangular relationship between temporary employment agency, temporary worker and user enterprise. The employment contract with all the main and ancillary obligations arising therefrom is concluded between the temporary employment agency and the temporary worker. The temporary employment agency is responsible for all employer obligations. This means that the hirer company is not liable for holiday, public holiday and illness costs or social security contributions.

Temporary work enables you to bridge personnel bottlenecks, capacity bottlenecks, temporary order peaks and temporary absences of employees due to vacation or illness quickly, unbureaucratically and efficiently. This ensures your competitiveness even in difficult times. 

And you can test your new employees for permanent employment without obligation.



Temporary employment by Walter-Fach-Kraft is …

  • flexible: You can react quickly and easily to fluctuations in operational development. In this way you can optimise the labour factor even during seasonal, cyclical or operational order peaks and personnel bottlenecks.
  • Cost-effective: You deploy manpower exactly where it is needed, and the actual work performed is calculated exactly.
  • qualified: You get tested, well-trained and reliable employees. They are selected by experienced personnel professionals who know your requirements and take them into account.


Recruitment – discreet, direct, fast

Find reliable and competent personnel for job placements quickly and easily. Exactly the employees that fit your company. The experienced and committed personnel professionals at WalterFachKraft carry out the pre-selection for you and ensure that you only find suitable candidates. Proximity to the job market in combination with supra-regional locations guarantee a comprehensive and result-oriented approach – professionally and discreetly. In accordance with your requirement profile, we take over all steps in the recruitment process. We provide you with precise performance profiles of each employee, which are compared with your company requirements. The pre-selection process ensures that you only meet suitable applicants. This saves your time.

In addition to the criterion of professional competence, our personnel planners pay particular attention to the cultural harmony between man and company. Individual performance culture, values and behaviour patterns are at the centre of this. It is possible to assess this correctly because our recruiters often know the potential employees personally – and this is exactly where the key to a long-term and truly successful cooperation lies.

Comprehensive applicant management with an eye for detail: We find suitable and motivated specialists for you across all industries.

Recruitment and placement by WalterFachKraft

  • In the area of applicant management, we have special software that posts your job advertisements on up to 250 different regional and national job exchanges and web portals. We also use social media channels.
  • We take care of the job advertisement, we write the text, conduct job interviews and find the right applicant for your vacancy.
  • We realise a targeted approach to applicants with a unique reach quickly, inexpensively and without complications.




Our locations


Our mission statement

All our daily activities are based on our mission statement:



Long-term relationships are our goal. Since this can only be achieved by satisfied customers, the quality of our services is the main focus of our work: the best possible support is just as much a part of this as the exclusive use of professionally qualified and reliable personnel.


We want our customers to feel secure in the business relationship. With stable contractual conditions we ensure a lasting relationship of trust. It goes without saying that we adhere 100% to the applicable statutory and collective bargaining provisions


We know regional markets and special features. With almost 25 offices in a nationwide network, we are present throughout Germany: personal contact and commitment to the interests of our customers form the basis of our services. We also understand our customers as our employees.

Customer orientation

We do everything in our power to respond optimally to the individual requirements of our customers. That is why we maintain an open dialogue with you. And because we always want to develop further and become better, we look forward to your constructive feedback.

corporate governance

Without the observance of fundamental values, lasting economic success cannot be possible. We work transparently and sustainably, taking into account the interests of all parties involved in the cooperation.